The new form of digital healthcare significantly improves overall medical quality, enables more accurate monitoring of patient conditions, and provides real-time medical assistance.

PressureDot Abdominal pressure monitoring capsule

Clinical intra-abdominal pressure measurement

Operating method

Disposable oral capsule
144 hours automatic continuous monitoring of intra-abdominal pressure in real-time

Inserting sterile saline into the bladder through the urethra, and measuring the bladder pressure every 4-6 hours on a manually scheduled basis to obtain the value, which is not real-time.

Healthcare personnel requirements

No human intervention is needed unless there is an abnormal alert.

Compared to the intra-abdominal pressure monitoring capsule, it requires up to 30 times more manpower.

Risk assessment

The probability is extremely low; the pressure monitoring capsule will be excreted from the body within a week
(unless the patient has intestinal obstruction that causes delayed excretion of the capsule).

Moderate risk ; the sterile environment of the bladder is compromised with each measurement.

Mortality rate due to intra-abdominal hypertension



Valid Data Result
Reduce mortality rates
Reduce unnecessary surgeries
Reduce annual medical expenses
Clinical background
Description of the current situation(Unmet needs)

In the clinical setting, patients in the ICU, after abdominal surgery, and even most postoperative patients require monitoring of intra-abdominal pressure. Postoperative patients may develop abdominal compartment syndrome, which, if not relieved in a timely manner, can lead to multiple organ failure or even death. Currently, healthcare professionals measure the pressure inside the patient's bladder every half hour through a catheter to indirectly reflect the intra-abdominal pressure, providing objective assessment and basis for intervention. However, this process relies entirely on manpower, increasing discomfort to the patient and workload for healthcare professionals.

Beginning of telemedicine

The first generation product, PressureDOT, is a smart capsule that can accurately and continuously monitor intra-abdominal pressure and temperature. Patients can swallow or be fed the capsule through a tube. Once the capsule enters the body, it wirelessly transmits signals outside, allowing early detection of intra-abdominal hypertension and reducing the need for manpower operation.

New industry ecosystem formed by cross-disciplinary technology integration.

This capsule utilizes advanced packaging technology and is designed with an efficient antenna suitable for use inside the body, allowing for low-power signal transmission. The external receiving system uses a special antenna array to track the capsule's position and intestinal motility in real-time. The signal received by the external antenna array can be used with special algorithms to track the 3D position of the capsule and intestinal motility, providing more clinical efficacy data.