Technical featuresPressureDotGI Monitoring System
  • The world's smallest electronic capsule for measuring intra-abdominal pressure.
  • Low-power transmission with special antenna design.
  • Real-time continuous monitoring via wireless transmission.
Technical Features
Hardware equipment
  • Capsule
  • AES-128 encrypt
  • Bluetooth LE advertising
  • Reader
  • AES-128 decrypt
  • Write to SD card and display current data
  • PC Software
  • Specified PC for PDot_Plotter use only
  • Read SD card
  • Process the raw data by moving average and visualization
Instructions for use
  • Step1
    Capsule activation
  • Step2
    Acquiring target and locking.
  • Step3
    Patient takes the capsule.
  • Step4
    Record pressure and temperature.
  • Step5
    Retrieve physiological measurements from the reader for diagnosis by healthcare professionals.
Full product features and video instructions.