pioneer of telemedicine
Core Values

Cross-disciplinary innovation creates a new ecosystem for mutual benefit. Digital healthcare continues to bring new developments to existing medical services, gradually changing the existing healthcare service process, and expecting to form a new paradigm shift in health, medicine, and care. We aim to create a new healthcare ecosystem that centers around patients and is data-driven, and to provide a new paradigm for healthcare that benefits everyone.

A dream team composed of senior hardware engineers and professional physicians.

Dotspace is co-founded by Dr. Uei-Ming Jow, a previous senior hardware engineer from Google in the United States, Dr. Chien-Hung Liao, an emergency physician from medical center, and Dr. Dong-Ru Ho, a urologist also from medical center. Led by Dr. Jow's extensive background in manufacturing medical devices and the two doctors' professional medical knowledge, the intelligent "capsule" was evolved into a part of medical equipment through continuous in-depth discussions.

In late 2020, Dr. Uei-Ming Jow returned to Taiwan and led the team to receive project support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the development of a prototype medical device and pre-clinical validation. Later, they also received assistance from the Ministry of Science and Technology and completed their angel funding and established the company by the end of 2021. During this period, they were also recognized with awards such as the Future Tech Award and National Innovation Award, and continued to prioritize the goal of developing smart and innovative medical devices.

Professional teamsOUR TEAM
A previous senior hardware engineer from Google in the United StatesDr. Uei-Ming Jow
An emergency physician from medical centerDr. Chien-Hung Liao
A urologist from medical centerDr. Dong-Ru Ho
The stepping stone of telemedicine.
PressureDOT is a real-time intra-abdominal pressure monitoring capsule
that saves medical personnel time and immediately monitors patient conditions.

「Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job.」For emergency physicians who are saving lives, besides grasping the "golden treatment period," having good "tools" to assist in surgical operations for greater precision and more time is also a major focus. While most people have heard of "capsule endoscopy," the uncertainty of time and monitoring range still limits the acceptance of physicians. In response to market demand, PressureDOT, an instant intra-abdominal pressure monitoring capsule launched by Dotspace Inc. in late 2021, combines medical and hardware expertise to provide healthcare professionals with real-time and safe inspection equipment, further safeguarding the health status of patients.

Future The PressureDOT smart capsule is currently in the pre-production testing phase, with plans to submit for FDA approval in the second quarter of 2023. Dr. Jow hopes to combine his expertise in hardware with the creative ideas and willingness to try new things from young doctors, as well as Taiwan's precision technology in the electronics industry, to make a mark in the medical device market.

Important milestone timeline
Product related
  • 2024
    First generation product obtains FDA approval, and Mass production
  • 2023
    Trial production, clinical human trials.
  • 2022
    Design freeze, animal studies.
  • 2020
    First generation prototype.
  • 2018
    Concept brainstorming.
Operation related
  • 2023
    Development of second-generation products and other medical equipment, and begin human trials, develop digital healthcare software, launch next round of fundraising
  • 2022
    Angel round fundraising
  • 2021
    Dotspace Inc.Founded