Milestone objectives for the product development stage.
Short-term goals
  • Application of digestive data in ICU (detection of gastrointestinal bleeding, localization of necrotic tissue)
  • Opportunity for multi-dimensional pressure monitoring in ICU (reducing the risk of invasive measurements)

Platform development, applied to intracranial pressure monitoring, central venous pressure monitoring, and applications with different sensors (such as pH sensors...).


Accumulate clinical data and collaborate with international industry leaders to advance towards precision medicine, intelligent healthcare, digital medicine, and remote healthcare.

Operational business stage objectives
Short-term goals
  • Apply for and utilize insurance reimbursement for sales
  • Establish consignment sales channels and actively enter the medical supply chain
  • Establish a system platform for authorized revenue sharing
  • Expand to medical IT system suppliers
  • Investigate market solutions
  • Expand to remote monitoring and IT services
  • Obtain international licensing
Endless possibilities